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The Business of Web Design 2014

Date: 26 July 2014

The Business of Web Design 2014

Last week I was in Cardiff for the Business of Web Design conference, where I attended a day of talks by people in the web industry. Topics ranged from working out your day rate to Beanie Bears. Thanks to the Hawaiian-shirted event organiser Joel Hughes, who managed to keep things running even when the projector decided to stop working!

Rather than put everything in one giant blog post I’ve decided to break each talk into its own page. This page is an index that links through to the notes I took from the conference.

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Learning to Love Your Clients
Viviana Doctorovich (coming soon)

smiling face

Smile! It’s Never THAT Bad!
Kirsty Burgoine (coming soon)

One Year of Freelancing
Stu Robson (coming soon)

mortar board

The Lessons I’ve Learned
Dan Edwards (coming soon)

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Does Size Matter?
Steve Kirtley (coming soon)

line graph

How Processes Can Pivot a Digital Agency
Danny Bluestone (coming soon)

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Educating Clients to Say Yes
Paul Boag (coming soon)