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Fell Finder

Fell Finder was an idea for an app that I had whilst walking in the Lake District. When you arrive at the summit of your walk and look out to enjoy the view, wouldn't it be great to know what you're looking at? This is where Fell Finder comes in. On this page I explain my process of going from an idea to an app.

fell finder wireframe sketch


It's tempting to jump straight into producing artwork when you've got a new idea, but it's really important to get the finer details in order first. What's the core idea of the app? Who is the app for? Why will people use it? I like to do this by sketching ideas and wireframing. It usually ends up with lots of ideas in the bin, but leaves me with one clear idea to go forward with.

fell finder logo sketches

General Theme

Once an idea is in place I need to make sure it will actually work. I'll sketch out flow diagrams and get a list of pages together so I can see how everything fits together. When I can see how the app's going to work I like to go back to the drawing board to sketch out ideas for the general feel of the app - icon style, fonts, colour, layout.

Working Together

I work together with a developer friend to create apps, and I always make sure to keep him in the loop from the beginning. I've worked on enough apps now to know what is and isn't possible, but keeping everyone involved updated at all times avoids any surprises.

After making sure the developer had enough information to start coming up with a test version of the app I could start looking at the visual part of the design process. For me this is where designing for websites and designing for apps becomes a bit different. With websites it's important to design for all screen sizes from mobile phones upto large desktop monitors (and sometimes even bigger for televisions). With apps though, especially iOS ones the designer knows exactly the size of the screen to design for. So I took the sketches that I'd already done and started producing artwork for the main screens of the app.

3 iphones with screenshots

Coming Soon

I'm really excited that Fell Finder is almost complete. We've still got a few bits to test to make sure it's ready for launch but it's coming soon and we can't wait for you to try it.

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