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Rentalcars Apps is a large multinational web-based car hire provider. They're part of the Priceline Group and supply cars to thousands of people every day. I worked with them to produce apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

App Design

Rentalcars already had an iPhone app but needed something that better catered to their user's needs. Through research I was able to make important changes to the app that increased revenue for the company.

Web Design

The main sales channel for Rentalcars is their website. I worked with the web team using A/B testing methods to find out what customers wanted most of all. I also helped with the transition to a responsive design.

Font Icons

To ensure consistency across all platforms I developed a standard icon set for the company. Font icons were used where possible for ease of use. You can read about the font icons I produced here.

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Working together

During my time working with Rentalcars I worked with both the web and apps development teams. I was able to offer advice and produce work for both teams, and helped create more revenue for them in the process. Because I was the only cross platform designer in the company I was able to make sure the Rentalcars brand came through on all platforms.

After designing apps for all the major platforms the company decided not to support the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms. This meant that we were able to focus wholly on iOS and Android to produce really engaging apps. As part of this refocus of efforts I designed a companion app for users of the main app called Parking Buddy. This new feature allows users to park their car anywhere and be confident that they can find it again later, all the while further building trust in Rentalcars for future custom.

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