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Font Icons

I created a totally bespoke font icon for Rentalcars, and you can read more about the entire process on this blog post. The font is used across platforms, from the apps team to the desktop and mobile web teams.

grid of icons

Since the first version of the font icons went live, it’s grown from about 25 icons to a whopping 95 icons! For whatever reason a lot of designers are still quite wary of using font icons. There are some existing resources already out there such as IcoMoon, Fontello and Font Awesome, but for the Rentalcars project I decided to do it all from scratch. Even though the other resources have a massive selection of icons available I wanted to have complete control over the icons being produced.

If someone on the team needed a new icon fast, I didn’t want to have to wait for an outside source to provide it. You can see the icons out in the wild by downloading the Rentalcars iPhone app, or by visiting the website on a desktop or tablet device. Rentalcars are heavily AB test based, so rollout across the website has been slow, but I’m sure in due time all icons on the site will be replaced with the ones in the font set.

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