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2012 was the year of the London Olympics, and Visit Britain saw a great opportunity to entice visitors to the UK out into the rest of the country with a travel app. I really enjoyed working with teams from different companies on this project, and even went on to win a Roses Creative Award in 2011.

Screenshots shown on different devices

The app was restricted to purely Samsung Android devices, as Samsung was the backer of the project. I didn't have to worry about a shortage of devices to design for though, because Samsung were keen to offer the app on as many platforms as possible, from mobile phones and tablets, through to their then relatively new Smart TVs.


I worked with stake holders from both Samsung and Visit Britain to define requirements for the app. I sketched out some ideas for a general structure and settled on a "hub and spoke" approach which meant that all areas would be accessible via a main menu screen.


I could have easily used a standard off-the-shelf approach to a main menu, or even gone with a tab bar. Both of these approaches would have worked fine but I wanted the user to engage better with the app. I came up with a rotating disc of orbs for the main menu, and later went on to win A Roses Creative award for my work on the app design.

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